Thursday, February 14, 2008

February - Beginner Z-brush Sketches - In Progress

So, things I've learnt so far through trial and error:
1. No cut in detail e.g. areas where cut in detail in clothing was neccessary...
2. As low poly modellers, we put more detail in certain areas, yes? Mouth, eyes etc – 'bendy openy' areas – which doesn’t translate well in z-brush… even polys all way through with very very little defining detail, meaning HeavyMan (above) should be generic enough for me to use the base mesh for a bust of Marie Antoinette.
3. It’s all in the detail – painting and referencing. How well you use reference and how practised you are in painting is important – ears, nostrils, tear ducts – you just can’t get past inadequate accuracy – people automatically seem to look at the work and go, the ear looks wrong.
4. He will indeed be textured… and actually that is another point – the unwrap had to change considerably. No overlapping/mirrored uvs… no scrunching or squeezing into smaller areas i.e. keep resolution equal – back to equal polys make equal uvs.

5. AND finally, practise makes perfect!

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