Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cottage - Textures

Hours 6 - 9

Since it's the end of the the weekend, I've posted an update of the cottage on my professional site... it's getting there. I still want to get to play with it in an engine, so I've got hold of UDK... get that up and running this week. I'll finish this challenge and then look at the UDK 11 hour environment challenge - looks good.

Anyway, back to texturing. As I said before, I generally get my textures from professional sites, like cgtextures, or I go out and take photographs. Either way works well... when I know what I want. Originally I was going for a wooden cottage, but when I began texture hunting and put wood on the main building, it just looked bland. So, I made it a concrete (which still needs to be worked on, and then a ceramic slated roof... again, not finished, but I've still got 2 hours left!

This was a great exercise to go from the idea, to the completed cottage, you can run around.

Some areas worked better than others, and on reflection, I probably would have liked to try the wooden slats, but because it's such a generic form at this stage, I can still do this... may just set myself a 2 hour challenge and make a second version.

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